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OSPA and Guests vol.2 – Sounds of Brazil

Under Evandro Matté conducting and artistic directing, the Symphony Orchestra of Porto Alegre (OSPA) continues to make welcome inroads into Brazilian’s discography production with “OSPA and Guests vol.2 – Sounds of Brazil”. Recorded in 2022, this album features national works ranging from the renowned Heitor Villa-Lobos to the contemporary icons of composition, Edmundo Villani-Côrtes and Liduino Pitombeira, with a very special guests: Quinteto Villa-Lobos, one of the most active and recognized Brazilian chamber ensembles, and Artur Elias (BRA), awarded OSPA’s solo flutist.

OSPA and Guests

An exquisite album of Brazilian music. Under Evandro Matté’s artistic direction and conducting, “OSPA and Guests” explores the diversity of the Brazilian music. Released in 2021, this album features compositions from the contemporaneous Arthur Barbosa, Dimitri Cervo, Fernandos Deddos, João Guilherme Ripper and Radamés Gnattali, with a superb soloist line-up formed by Douglas Gutjahr (marimba), Emerson Kretschmer (violin) and the Porto Alegre Quintet of Metals. “OSPA and Guests” was the first album produced by Symphony Orchestra of Porto Alegre (OSPA) in 20 years and was considered by the public opinion as an remarkable return of OSPA’s discography production. It was awarded at Açorianos Music Award 2022 only with top grades: “Album of the Year”, “Best Album” in the classical category and “Best Composer” for Arthur Barbosa.

Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta 2018

This innovative album features Fernando Deddos’s compositions exclusively written to the special soloist line-up: the oboist Christoph Hartmann of the Berlin Philharmonic, the trombonist José Milton Vieira of the Symphony Orchestra of Porto Alegre and the composer and arranger himself, on the euphonium. Recorded in 2018 by artistic direction and conducting by Evandro Matté, this work is also celebrate the 100 years of multi-instrumentalist and composer Kximbinho, reference of choro and big bands in Brazil.

Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta and Emmanuele Baldini

Conducted by Evandro Matté and interpreted by the Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta, this album reveals a inspired performance of the violinist Emmanuele Baldini, spalla of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (Osesp). Recorded in 2013, it features beloved pieces by Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gomes and Edward Elgar.

Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta and Renato Borghetti

Developed with the acclaimed accordionist Renato Borghetti, “Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta and Renato Borghetti” features the traditional music from the South of Brazil and marks the 18-year Orchestra’s trajectory. Recorded in 2014, this album has artistic direction and conducting by Evandro Matté and special participation of the classical guitarist Daniel Sá.

Chants of Leontina das Dores

Performed by the Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta under conductor Evandro Matté, “Chants of Leontina das Dores” features the poetries of Luiz Coronel interpreted by Fafá de Belém. Recorded 2019, the album has an special participation of the accordionist Renato Borghetti.