Conductor Evandro Matté has stood out in the concert music scene for his musical contribution and as a manager. He led the construction of the Casa da OSPA (Symphonic Orchestra of Porto Alegre) and the Teatro Unisinos, restructured orchestras, recorded five CDs and founded the social project Vida com Arte - Unisinos, which attend children in social vulnerability.

It was through the trumpet, at the age of 7, that Evandro Matté started his studies in music. When he was 15, he joined the professional orchestra of his hometown, the Symphonic Orchestra of Caxias do Sul. Settled in Porto Alegre, he started his studies at the Music School of OSPA. At the age of 19, he got the OSPA trumpeter chair and started his graduation at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Thereafter, he specialized at the University of Georgia (USA) and the Conservatoire de Bordeaux (FRA).

Attracted by regency, he started to act as a maestro through festivals and masterclasses, being guided by prestigious conductors, such as the iconic Kurt Masur (ALE). In 2007 he took up the Unisinos Anchieta Orchestra as the artistic director and conductor. Along with the orchestra, he recorded four albums emphasizing Latin American composers and solos by virtuous musicians.

In 2011 he launched SESC’s International Music Festival – Pelotas, a project he designed in partnership with SESC. Since then, with Evandro as its artistic director, the festival has become known as one of the largest and most significant in Latin America. Besides its educational aspect, the festival also stands out for its unique role in fostering the culture of the region where it’s based.

After 25 years as a trumpeter, Evandro Matté took up the position of artistic director of OSPA. With tours, discography production, strengthening educational programs and increasing the technical and artistic level of the orchestra, his five years in management are celebrated for putting OSPA back to its position of excellence among Latin American orchestras.

Since 2018, he has also been artistic director and conductor of the Theatro São Pedro Orchestra and, since 2013, the artistic director and conductor of the Zaffari Community Concerts.

For his cultural contribution to the development of French arts in Brazil, in 2019 he was awarded by the Ministère de la Culture for the insignia of Chevalier de l´Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.