OSPA and Guests vol.2 – Sounds of Brazil

Under Evandro Matté conducting and artistic directing, the Symphony Orchestra of Porto Alegre (OSPA) continues to make welcome inroads into

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OSPA and Guests

An exquisite album of Brazilian music. Under Evandro Matté’s artistic direction and conducting, “OSPA and Guests” explores the diversity of

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Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta 2018

This innovative album features Fernando Deddos’s compositions exclusively written to the special soloist line-up: the oboist Christoph Hartmann of the

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Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta and Emmanuele Baldini

Conducted by Evandro Matté and interpreted by the Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta, this album reveals a inspired performance of the violinist

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Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta and Renato Borghetti

Developed with the acclaimed accordionist Renato Borghetti, “Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta and Renato Borghetti” features the traditional music from the South

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Chants of Leontina das Dores

Performed by the Orchestra Unisinos Anchieta under conductor Evandro Matté, “Chants of Leontina das Dores” features the poetries of Luiz

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